The noble art of events

Feriatus has mastered the organization, planning and execution of unique events into an art. As professionals, we translate emotions into a surprising event. We want to touch souls and leave unforgettable impressions. From A to Z, and down to the smallest details, we create high-end experiences. We design total concepts, entirely tailored for the customer.

The theme team @ your service

Creating moments of happiness and unforgettable gatherings is the life mission of Nadine and her dedicated team, Evelien and Stephan. As professionals, they translate your unique story into a surprising event. They want to touch souls and leave unforgettable impressions.


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The amazing babyshower of Romée

The birth of Hans and Lauren's first child was celebrated at the beautiful Hoeve Amory in Damme. During this warm summer day, Romée was christened in a small circle, followed by a delicious lunch. From the afternoon onwards, the party was joined by friends before turning into a true celebration.

The Boho Chic Birthday Party of Mirella

The party at the occasion of Mirella's 50th birthday, was co-hosted with two-star restaurant Centpourcent. We brought the Boho style to life at their temporary location.

The Romantic Wedding of Sigrid & Glenn in Tuscany  

The three-day wedding of Sigrid and Glenn took place in beautiful Tuscany. The guests were indulged into the Mediterranean atmosphere. The first evening, the guests enjoyed a delicious Italian pasta buffet. The next day, Sigrid and Glenn married in a romantic church amidst the Tuscan hills,  followed by a lavish dinner. The next day, before the goodbyes, the guests were invited to a cozy brunch, giving everyone the opportunity to talk about the awesome evening they enjoyed.

A touch of art 

Feriatus is keen to immerse itself in the world of each client in order to devise a tailor-made artistic concept. Johan Bruninx's mashup candlesticks with godzillas and robots, for example, create a wow effect on the party table. We can work with various artists such as Daisy Bomans, Koen Van Mechelen, ... but those who don't like art can also count on Feriatus to find a creative theme that makes the party special.

The Italian Communion of Judith

Judith and her parents absolutely adore Italy. Down to the smallest details, Feriatus recreated a Mediterranean atmosphere: vines with real grapes hung above the tables, live Italian music, and the photo booth was a wall full of real tomatoes, ... and last but not least, the guests went home with a nice goodie box full of vegetables and a nice recipe!

The Family Foodtruck Festival

Gathering the whole family for a joyful food truck festival, that was the wish of Carine and Marc. In a fun filled atmosphere with piano music in the background, the guests enjoyed delicious dishes that they could get from different food trucks.

The Enchanted Wedding of Silke & Lara 

Many international guests traveled to Brussels for the three-day wedding weekend of Silke and Lara. All guests stayed comfortably at the Amigo hotel in the center of Brussels for the entire weekend. The first evening we organized a food truck festival to give the guests a taste of all kinds of Belgian delicacies. On Saturday, all guests were transported to the wedding location. Silke and Lara exchanged their wedding vows in the park of Beersel surrounded by beautiful nature. Afterwards, guests were welcomed into the banquet hall for a magical Shakespeare-themed dinner and evening party. On Sunday, the guests said their goodbyes after a delicious brunch.

The Pink Floral Wedding of Valerie & Johan

For the wedding of Valerie and Johan, we transformed the hangar of their pear nursery into a fairytale party hall filled with beautiful pink flowers. This gave the couple the opportunity to receive their guests at their own location amidst the pear trees.


Capertino introduced all of its new products to its clients in a stylish setting. Feriatus was honored to organize this awesome event. We created a setting for the customer in which the products were presented in colorful arrangements amidst gorgeous flowers.

The Tropical Ibiza-themed Communion of Nanou 

Yeah we're going to Ibiza!' is what Brenda, Nanou and Jo thought and they wanted to take all their guests with them. We brought the real Ibiza atmosphere to their garden. The guests really felt like they were on the Spanish island.

The Greenery Christening of Celeste

Celeste's baptism took place in the garden among the greenery. Gorgeous flower arrangements were the eye-catchers of the party venue. The guests enjoyed the baptism ceremony in a pleasant atmosphere in a wonderful setting, followed by a delicious luncheon.


Feriatus surprised manager Hilde Essers and her staff with a special birthday party at an unusual location: an abandoned psychiatric institution formed the setting of a mystical and casual, yet cozy, atmosphere.

Orthopedic shoe manufacturer

For the grand opening of a business specializing in orthopedic shoes, we chose a Charlie Chaplin theme. The reason is immediately clear: after all, Chaplin struggled for years with problems to his feet. He wore the forerunners of today's orthopedic shoes. For the occasion, the guests were completely immersed in the world of the "roaring twenties".


René, manager of various stores of the Carrefour group, hosted a party to thank his staff for their numerous years of loyal service. Of course, we developed the event in a fitting theme. Each detail was thoughtfully brought: think of table names such as "fruits and vegetables" and "dry food". Atmosphere guaranteed!

Vogten Staal 

Isabelle & Pieter exchanged their wedding vows. They invited their clients and suppliers to a reception followed by a walking dinner in gorgeous settings.

The Romantic Wedding of Ellen & Lieven in La Douce France

Ellen and Lieven invited their friends and family for their wedding at a beautiful location in France. After all the guests had arrived, everyone enjoyed a dinner in the vineyards. On the wedding day, Ellen and Lieven exchanged their wedding vows in a beautiful small church. This was followed by a reception, dinner and, of course, a dance party.