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Yes we do!

The day that you have dreamed about together and will cherish for the rest of your life… Feriatus is happy to guide you in this process. We tell your guests the story of your love and translate it into a beautiful event. We guarantee exclusive, unique, and unforgettable wedding parties with a personal touch. For us, details are not just details, because we do not settle for less than perfection.

How we strive to jive


Do you want to celebrate the day of your life in style with that little bit extra? ... In this case, Feriatus is your dream "wedding partner"! Feriatus guarantees exclusive, unique and unforgettable wedding parties with a personal touch. We transform every location into a fabulous dream setting. Our professionals listen to your wishes and it is their goal to exceed your expectations. At Feriatus, your exclusive wedding party is in the professional hands of Nadine Winten and her team. For us, details are not just details, we do not settle for less than perfection.

Or abroad?

How about La Douce France or La Bella Toscana? Feriatus also arranges everything down to the smallest detail for a wedding abroad. A marriage often consists of a few days during which we take your guests through your love story. We provide the accommodations, a greeting with matching welcome dinner, followed by your big day. And to conclude, we let the guests enjoy a delicious brunch. We plan the days with your guests down to the smallest detail and according to your personal wishes.

Feriatus has an extensive portfolio of exclusive locations abroad. Sunny, fairytale, impressive locations that make you dream! Ranging from castles in France to idyllic vineyards in Tuscany.

Both in terms of location and organization, Feriatus has the absolute best to offer. Feriatus has the experience, know-how and connections to offer the couple and its guests an unforgettable wedding experience. With pleasure and especially a lot of know-how, Feriatus takes care of everything and ensures that your dream wedding runs smoothly. We do not leave anything to coincidence. With countless accomplished dream weddings in Italy, France, Spain and Monaco to its credit, Feriatus has a reputation to uphold. It is not without reason that Feriatus is listed as one of the five best wedding planning companies in specialized media such as the magazine "Discover Benelux".

From beginning to end

1 Nice to meet you

During a non-committal introductory meeting we discuss the initial ideas and get a clearer picture of your wishes and expectations. We decide together on the perfect location for your party. Can the event take place on your own premises or are we looking for a different, fitting location?

2 Let us write the storyline of your event

As a follow-up, we start writing out the storyline of your event. Based on this, a detailed concept is written with a corresponding budgeting, clear and transparent.

3 Let the preparations begin

Following your agreement, we start working with our network of suppliers and pick our own creativity to bring you the event that will exceed your expectations. There is no shortage to the creative, unique and innovative ideas at Feriatus. Throughout this phase of the preparations, we regularly consult with the client. We find this interaction with the customer extremely important.

4 The scenario of the day

When all decisions have been made, we prepare a detailed roadmap so that you can closely follow the progress of the event. We also issue a technical script for our subcontractors, in consultation with the client.

5 Let us build up

We are present during the entire set-up. We assist with the construction, decoration and closely monitor our suppliers and adjust where necessary.

6 Le moment suprême

And then, the day of the event arrives... The story is now ready to bring to the guests. We are there to ensure that everything runs smoothly so that you can enjoy your day without any worries.

7 The afterglow

We tear down quickly and neatly and organize the entire aftercare of the event. We also make sure that you and your guests can enjoy the memories of your special day through throwback options based on photo opportunities on social media or in the form of an album about the event.

Their stories

The Enchanted Wedding of Silke & Lara 

Many international guests traveled to Brussels for the three-day wedding weekend of Silke and Lara. All guests stayed comfortably at the Amigo hotel in the center of Brussels for the entire weekend. The first evening we organized a food truck festival to give the guests a taste of all kinds of Belgian delicacies. On Saturday, all guests were transported to the wedding location. Silke and Lara exchanged their wedding vows in the park of Beersel surrounded by beautiful nature. Afterwards, guests were welcomed into the banquet hall for a magical Shakespeare-themed dinner and evening party. On Sunday, the guests said their goodbyes after a delicious brunch.

The Elegant Garden Wedding of Laurence & Pieter

Laurence and Pieter exchanged their wedding vows in the presence of family and friends. Afterwards, the guests were treated to a glass of bubbles on the square in front of the church. The guests were then invited to the banquet hall, which we had turned into a garden filled with real trees. The couple and their guests enjoyed a reception, dinner, and dance amidst this beautiful garden setting.

The Magical Wedding of Evi & Nicolas in La Douce France

For the wedding of Evi and Nicolas, we traveled to France with their close family and friends for a magical weekend. Upon arrival, guests were welcomed with a delicious cheese and wine evening. On their wedding day we organized an event with a band on the local village square. Everyone sang and danced. Afterwards, the guests were invited to a delicious dinner and evening party. The next day, after a delicious breakfast-in-pajamas, it was time for goodbyes after an awesome weekend of love and celebration.

The Romantic Wedding of Ellen & Lieven in La Douce France

Ellen and Lieven invited their friends and family for their wedding at a beautiful location in France. After all the guests had arrived, everyone enjoyed a dinner in the vineyards. On the wedding day, Ellen and Lieven exchanged their wedding vows in a beautiful small church. This was followed by a reception, dinner and, of course, a dance party.