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Feriatus is proud to present its etiquette school 'Etiquality'.

Etiquette is not trite, but useful. Respect, politeness and making things as easy as possible for the other person: that is what it is all about. Not just at the table, in every social occasion.

That is why these interactive masterclasses in etiquette by Feriatus are an added value for life. The flair, finesse and self-confidence you acquire here will come in handy every day. At home, among friends and at work.

Etiquette for business

Masterclass etiquette: welcoming guests & table decoration *christmas edition

Where learning by doing is key.

You love class and sophistication. Whether you are organising an event at home, for clients or for colleagues. Now you want to go that extra mile. And immerse your guests in that luxurious atmosphere of elegance, respect, comfort and carefree service. Especially during Christmas. 

No more boring table decorations for you. No more spilling oysters on a plateau fruits de mer. No uncertainty about where to put your sandwich.

Welcoming guests and table decoration *christmas edition: after this interactive master class in etiquette, you will have the necessary finesse, elegance and confidence to make every (Christmas) event a success.


Create the most beautiful Christmas table yourself.

How do you make something your own? Not by listening to hours of theory in a stuffy classroom.

But by immersing yourself in it. Experiencing it. Tasting it from A to Z. That is exactly what we do during this etiquette master class. You will experience, relive and learn all the tips and practical skills as you go. From entering, to leaving. We do this twice in December on Thursday evenings just before the holidays. So that you can put everything you learnt into practice straight away over Christmas. 

Create a beautiful table

There is nothing more annoying than having to decorate a table while being unsure about everything! Where exactly is the wine glass placed? How do I place the flower arrangements? What do the table names say?  

As an attentive hostess or host, you leave nothing to chance. Your table will look beautiful according to the rules of art. After this master class, you will be a shining beacon of confidence who knows how to amaze every guest, every single event.

Dining in style  

Giving your guests a warm welcome, entertaining and helping them back into the car is one thing. Dining in style a second. Where do you put your napkin? How do you eat your sandwich? Which fork do you use first?

Classy dining will have no more secrets for you after this master class. After tonight, you will embody the cream of the crop in terms of elegance and sophistication.

Specifically, you will learn:

● Being a confident hostess

● Table arrangement

● Table decoration

● Setting the perfect Christmas table

Who is this masterclass for? 

Join Nadine in creating the perfect table. This master class is for people who believe in quality and sophistication in every aspect of their lives. Especially during the Christmas season.

Thursday evening 8 December 2022 - 19h - 21h  

Thursday evening 15 December 2022 - 19h - 21h  


Your investment and reservation
Your participation in this master class *christmas edition is €125.00.

(invoice possible)


The masterclasses take place at the Feriatus office in Antwerp (Jan Van Rijswijcklaan 98). Book your spot via or contact Nadine by phone (0032 475 76 73 76).