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Feriatus is proud to present its etiquette school 'Etiquality'.

Etiquette is not trite, but useful. Respect, politeness and making things as easy as possible for the other person: that is what it is all about. Not just at the table, in every social occasion.

That is why these interactive workshops in etiquette by Feriatus are an added value for life. The flair, finesse and self-confidence you acquire here will come in handy every day. At home, among friends and at work.

Etiquette for business

Workshop etiquette: welcoming guests & dining in style

Where class and refined dining merge. 

You love class and sophistication. Whether you are organising an event at home, for clients or for colleagues. Now you want to go that one step further. And immerse your guests even more in that luxurious atmosphere of elegance, respect, comfort and unconcern.

No uncomfortable silences in your company. No spilling of oysters on a seafood platter. No uncertainty about where to put your sandwich.

Receiving guests, dining together: after this interactive workshop in etiquette you will have the necessary finesse, elegance and self-confidence to make every event a success.

Become the hostess or host of your dreams

There is nothing more annoying than entering a room where you don't know anyone, only to find yourself nervously shuffling to one side. With an empty glass, no less.

As an attentive hostess or host, you don't let something like that happen. You take the coats and introduce the guests to each other according to the rules of art. After this workshop you will be a shining beacon full of self-confidence who knows how to put every guest at ease, every event.

Dining in style  

Giving your guests a warm welcome, entertaining them and getting them back in the car is one thing. Dining in style is another. Where do you put your napkin? How do you eat your sandwich? And how do you propose a toast? 

Classy dining will no longer hold any secrets for you after this workshop. After tonight, you will be the epitome of elegance and sophistication.

Do yourself and your guests a favour. And give them something beautiful to talk about.

Specifically, you will learn:

●  Welcoming guests in a relaxed manner, both at small and large events

●  History of table manners

●  Table setting

●  Table decoration

●  Table hiccups

●  Proper cutlery

Who is this workshop for? 

This immersion in golden manners is for every man or woman who wants to pamper people around them. Whether it is during a culinary dinner, a business event, an informal drink or simply every day. For people who believe in quality and sophistication in every aspect of their lives. 


Thursday evening 6 October 2022 - 19h -22h with tapas - FEW SEATS LEFT

Sunday afternoon 9 October 2022 - 15h - 18h with high-tea


Your investment and reservation

Your participation in this wonderful workshop amounts to €290.


The workshops will take place at the Feriatus office in Antwerp (Jan Van Rijswijcklaan 98). Book your place at or contact Nadine by phone (0032 475 76 73 76).