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Shine on them!

Organizing an event for your clients or staff reaches further than the party itself. With a clear vision in mind, it can become a fruitful contribution to a lasting connection with your most important relationships. Feriatus guarantees that the event becomes a nice business card for the company. This can be either a unique company party or an intimate experience. We deliver a "full service" concept for staff parties, product launches and more. But we are also happy to assist you in developing exclusive, more intimate high-end experiences.

How we strive to jive

Corporate Events

Feriatus has the know-how and stands ready to assist you from positioning all the way to the entire completion of the event. Each type of corporate event has its purpose and requires a specific approach: staff parties, product launches, anniversary celebrations,... Feriatus guarantees that each event becomes a powerful business card for the company.

We create experiences, both in-house and on location, that really represent your company. We get creative with every idea regardless of size or budget.

The word 'impossible' is not in our dictionary. Each idea or concept is fine-tuned to perfection and we strive for that 'Moment Suprême' with each event, so that your guests will talk about it for years to come.

It’s all about Customer Intimacy
& Employer Branding

'Customer centric' or 'employer branding' is 'key'. The purpose of a company party is primarily to strengthen relationships with customers and staff. We are happy to assist you with the development of  exclusive and intimate high-end experiences as a foundation for long-term customer relationships or genuine recognition for a hard-working team. We ensure a total experience that will remain with them for years to come. As a butler, we are present to ensure that everything runs smoothly for yourself, your company, and your guests. Not even the smallest detail escapes our eye.

As an example, we pick up your guests in style for an exclusive tour of an art fair, followed by a gastronomic dinner in a starred restaurant. Or, we plan an exclusive incentive trip to France with a visit to an authentic oyster farm, a luncheon on the beach and dinner in the middle of the vineyards at sunset.

From beginning to end

1 Nice to meet you

During a non-committal introductory meeting we discuss the initial ideas and get a clearer picture of your wishes and expectations. We decide together on the perfect location for your party. Can the event take place on your own premises or are we looking for a different, fitting location?

2 Let us write the storyline of your event

As a follow-up, we start writing out the storyline of your event. Based on this, a detailed concept is written with a corresponding budgeting, clear and transparent.

3 Let the preparations begin

Following your agreement, we start working with our network of suppliers and pick our own creativity to bring you the event that will exceed your expectations. There is no shortage to the creative, unique and innovative ideas at Feriatus. Throughout this phase of the preparations, we regularly consult with the client. We find this interaction with the customer extremely important.

4 The scenario of the day

Once all decisions have been made, we prepare a detailed roadmap so that you can closely follow the progress of the event. We also issue a technical script for our subcontractors, in consultation with the client.

5 Let us build it up

We are present during the entire set-up. We assist with the construction, decoration and closely monitor our suppliers and bring adjustments where necessary.

6 Le moment suprÍme

And then, the day of the event arrives... The story is now ready to be revealed to the guests. We are there to ensure that everything runs smoothly so that you can enjoy your day without any worries.

7 The afterglow

We tear down quickly and neatly and organize the entire aftercare of the event. We also make sure that you and your guests can enjoy the memories of your special day through throwback options based on photo opportunities on social media or in the form of an album about the event.

Their stories


Capertino introduced all of its new products to its clients in a stylish setting. Feriatus was honored to organize this awesome event. We created a setting for the customer in which the products were presented in colorful arrangements amidst gorgeous flowers.


Feriatus surprised manager Hilde Essers and her staff with a special birthday party at an unusual location: an abandoned psychiatric institution formed the setting of a mystical and casual, yet cozy, atmosphere.

Orthopedic shoe manufacturer

For the grand opening of a business specializing in orthopedic shoes, we chose a Charlie Chaplin theme. The reason is immediately clear: after all, Chaplin struggled for years with problems to his feet. He wore the forerunners of today's orthopedic shoes. For the occasion, the guests were completely immersed in the world of the "roaring twenties".

Alro group

For an event hosted by Alro goup, Feriatus transformed the party venue into a spectacular circus tent. Fortune tellers and stiltwalkers amazed the guests and gave them awesome memories about the event. As 'top of the bill', Boogie Boy surprised them with a superb performance. Top entertainment guaranteed!


René, manager of various stores of the Carrefour group, hosted a party to thank his staff for their numerous years of loyal service. Of course, we developed the event in a fitting theme. Each detail was thoughtfully brought: think of table names such as "fruits and vegetables" and "dry food". Atmosphere guaranteed!

Heftrucks Van Dorpe

The manager of Heftrucks Van Dorpe turned 50. He wanted to celebrate this special birthday with his clients and employees. Feriatus completely transformed the industrial hall into a magnificent safari decor with lots of befitting little details.

Vogten Staal 

Isabelle & Pieter exchanged their wedding vows. They invited their clients and suppliers to a reception followed by a walking dinner in gorgeous settings.