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Meet Nadine Winten

Nadine Winten, renowned event planner and author of inspiration books “De perfecte tafel” [The perfect table]  & “Het perfecte feest” [The perfect party],  is your point of contact. As one of the first party designers in Belgium, she knows like no other how to organize an event down to the smallest details. With over 18 years of experience, Nadine is internationally known as "The most luxurious wedding planner & event designer". Nadine has a flawless 'feeling' to create the perfect atmosphere and classy look of any event. Fashioning a creative, lasting story - with a little extra magic - that's the challenge.

Evelien Moldenaers

Evelien Moldenaers accidentally met Nadine at one of her awesome parties and there was an instant click between the two. Collaboration soon grew and Evelien quickly picked up a lot of skills and practical experience from the master herself. Evelien now takes care of the administrative tasks as well as the coordination of the parties. She dreams of one day treading in Nadine's footsteps.

Stephan Bruninx

Stephan Bruninx has been in the communication industry for more than 30 years. He started as co-founder of then named “Slangen and Bruninx”. He subsequently, became Customer Liaison Manager at Filmnet, director of new media at Concentra and co-founder of advertising agency Hands. "Being creative keeps me young" is his motto.

Our mission & values

We create high-end events from A to Z, down to the finest details. And yes, the smallest details do make the difference. We design total concepts with class, completely tailored to the client. For Feriatus, each party is an exclusive event. We have an eye for detail and always work punctually. Using the right decoration and styling, we succeed in creating an unforgettable setting every time. We always ensure that the client can help shape the preparations from the front row. You can easily reach us whenever you need, and our committed, personal approach is unique.